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diumenge, 23 de novembre de 2008

Reflecting on your presentation...

1. Before the presentation was a bit nervous and could not stop repeating the text in my head that I had to say in front of the class, while he was making the presentation and I do not remember anything and had to be watching all the time where the role The text was written. After the presentation I felt pretty bad because I had not agreed to the text while he was in front of the class and that I wanted to say no would have the note that I actually deserved.

2. I think my presentation was approved for a just why I read too because I had left white in front of the whole class because of nerves.

3. The presentations are those of German and Pep Juanca and Maria, Mariana and Julia.

- The presentation of Pep, German and Juanca, the three positive aspects are that the three were fairly well organized, its text was well structured and meant what they said.
The negatives are that they had not powerpoint, read the text and not quite able to answer the questions that we answered.

- The presentation of Maria, Mariana and Julia, all three are positive aspects to be aware of the text, knew the order that each had to say and they knew the text explained.
The three are negative aspects that had not powerpoint, talked too fast and the class did not understand anything and they moved a lot due to nerves.

4. I think they could implement new ideas powerpoint, that not only was he described the photo but we may put factors explain the photo and other items that alleged relationship. To improve it should soothe the nerves and say the text normally.

5. I think I deserve a six as a note of this oral presentation.

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